Perhaps new legislation requires fire sprinkler protection in your existing facilities. Or remodeling triggers a code requirement to upgrade your fire protection. Or there is a change in commodity classification. Or you seek the safety and peace of mind that fire sprinkler protection provides. US Fire’s unrivalled experience in retrofitting sprinklers in all kinds of facilities can simplify the process for you.

Our Retrofit program is one of our company's strengths. We have been retrofitting sprinklers in all applications with us working with various insurance companies to protect their interests in property protection. Today it takes us to hospitals and nursing homes; major hotels; bars and nightclubs; education facilities; high-rise office buildings; historic sites sports stadiums…and many more locations.
For retrofit projects, US Fire serves as the Design-Build Contractor and has a division licensed as a General Contractor who can oversee new construction or major renovations. We have various options we are able to offer, which include solicitation of sub bids, complete design drawings, turnkey project offerings, and much more to meet your needs. We understand what it takes to complete sprinkler retrofits on time and on budget. 

Our Project Managers oversee the work of any subcontractors required for a turnkey project, including ceiling removal and replacement, painting and other restoration. And, of course, we work with the local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure smooth approval of your newly installed system.

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